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October 1st & 2nd 2025 –  Rotterdam Ahoy

Spin Pompen

Spin Pompen B.V.

About us

Spin Pompen is the expert in the field of high quality hygienic pumps for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in the Netherlands and Belgium.

With over 25 years of experience and a high level of specialisation and service, Spin Pompen contributes to optimising your process, reducing your production costs and reaching the highest hygienic level. Thanks to the large amount of successfull projects and field tests, Spin Pompen has proved for years its capacity to push the boundaries.

Spin Pompen collaborates closely with well-known pump producers like, for instance, Bornemann, Mouvex, PCM, Ampco, Broquet and Murzan. Furthermore, the company has extended knowledge of the specific processes, applications and hygiene standards in each branch of the food industry. You can thus rely on Spin Pompen to provide you with the best advice and pumping solution, even for the most viscous, shear-sensitive, crystallising and/or abrasive products.

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