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TWTG is I-IoT. The Industrial Internet of Things is much more than just technology. It is the methodological innovation of monitoring, measuring, and activating critical assets within a business. It is the vision of utilising information based on big data analytics to gain strategic value and streamline operations. TWTG is an ISO 9001 & 270001-certified company with industrial grade solutions and a roster of international clients in utilities and industry. The scalability of solutions is at the forefront of all thinking, from product, hardware, and software design, to connectivity and implementation.
We strive to support the digitalisation process of our Oil and Gas customers by providing wireless IECEx certified devices. Our NEON product family stands for smart and digital condition-based asset monitoring, based on a LoRaWAN communications backhaul to facilitate extremely long battery life and highly reliable data to manage operations for greater safety and efficiency.

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