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DGF Group consists of 4 business units:

– De Gidts & Feldman B.V. ( – Instrumentation & Filtration solutions
Supplier of instruments such as pressure-, temperature-, flow- and level transmitters, magnetic level gauges, primary flow elements, Wireless Instruments, temperature controllers, process recorders, PLC’s, pressure- and temperature switches, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, manifolds, fittings, stainless steel / teflon / pfa tubing, (heated) tube bundles and disc springs.
We serve the Gas Industry with Honeywell Gas Regulators (Formerly Bryan Donkin, RMG and Gorter) and Honeywell Gas Measurement (Formerly Elster).

De Gidts & Feldman represents world class brands, including: Honeywell, Hadro, CCS Dual Snap, Sitecna, Safelok, Imperial Eastman, KME Osnaline, Christian Bauer, HiFlux and Eaton.

– Anaparts B.V. ( – Detection of burner flame, fire, smouldering, toxic and flammable gases.
Anaparts is mainly active in the Power and Waste Industry, epresenting BFI Automation (Flame monitoring for burner and gas turbine control), GTE Adicos (Detection of Smoulding & Hot Spots) and Firefly (Spark-, Hot Spot Detection and Fire Extinguishing).

– Imperial Valve B.V. ( – Manufacturer of Double Block & Bleed Valves, Manifolds, Instrument Enclosures. Imperial Valve is our own brand of valve solutions, which we supply globally.

– Virago Valves B.V. ( – Supplier of process & piping valves, strainers, flame arresters.
We represent Alfa Valvole, Penta, MTM, Tec Artec, Zürcher, Rotork, Air Torque, A. Hock, Marston, Elmac Technologies, Broady, and Imperial Valve.

The members of DGF Group N.V. work closely together and join forces where possible, offering the customers a one-stop-shopping concept for instruments and valves for the process industry.


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