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• Repico® Grip Plast type coupling provides a tensile / axial restraint connection for all plastic pipes, allows pipe section replacement, suitable for high pressure, and is available in DN 32-200
• Couplings < DN 50 with spot welding and from DN 50 seam welding • Easy installation by use of a torque wrench, limited space required for installation due to compact design • Specially designed flat rows of grips engages into the pipe surface without damaging the plastic material • Pressure range up to 16 bar (232 PSI) depending on size • Progressive sealing and anchoring • Max. angular deflection 5° for DN 32-50, 4° for DN 65-175 and 2° for DN >= 200
• Main components of stainless steel 316
• Green PTFE coated bolts
• Light weight, appr. 30% in comparison with flanged connections
• 60% noise reduction compared to rigid connections
Note: For use in plastic pipes HDPE and PP we recommend the use of an insert (see mounting instructions)

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