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Ball Valves


Ball Valves

The highest priority for A+R Armaturen GmbH is producing ball valves which perform reliably and improve the safety & efficiency of our customers’ plants. A+R delivers on its promises.

States of the art, specially designed test benches for A+R are used to ensure the highest level of quality. Only test results above and beyond the given standards will be accepted by A+R.

Metal seated A+R ball valves are produced on high precision, ultra-modern CNC machines.
Automatic or semi automatic mate lapping is used to achieve the best possible effect attaining to seat ring to ball contact. Only 100% contact of seating area on the ball surface guarantees a leakage free metal seated valve product.

Hard coating of ball and seat ring is an important part of a metal seated ball valve. Only companies having vast experience and expertise are chosen to carry out hard coating works for A+R. It is of vital importance to select the correct hard coating type for extreme applications e.g. high temperature/ pressure, high solid content, abrasion, erosion, etc. A+R can evaluate between various hard coating types to fulfill individual customer needs.

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