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PANDA/PUMA vacuum boosters increase the pumping speed and ultimate pressure of vacuum pumps. They can boost the performance of vacuum systems by up to a factor of ten.

In combination with backing pumps, PANDA/PUMA are perfectly suited for all applications that require high pumping speeds at a defined working pressure.

Busch vacuum boosters are available in a large number of sizes. This allows pumping speed and ultimate pressure to be tailored exactly to the process conditions.

In contrast to PUMA vacuum boosters, PANDA vacuum boosters are coming with a bypass valve as standard. Both PUMA/PANDA series are compatible with a variable speed drive.

The performance optimizers for industrial vacuum applications!

– Integrated bypass valve for PANDA
– Variable speed drive available
– Dry and contact-free compression
– Adaptable to all types of backing pumps
– Minimal maintenance
– High volumetric efficiency
– Leak-tightness (> 1×10-6 mbar x l/s)
– GGG40 housing for high mechanical and chemical resistance

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